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Alert!: Job Seeker Scams

A number of fraudulent emails have been sent to Clemson students under the guise of offering some form of employment. Visit our Job Seeker Scams page for more information.

University Professional Internship /
Co-op Program

Student engagement is one of Clemson University’s four areas of investment for its 2020 Road Map. To meet this goal Clemson is expanding its on-campus internship and co-op program to offer more students the opportunity to work closely with a member or members of Clemson's faculty or administration. Participating students will be given significant work that will help them prepare for their future careers. These are paid positions, and students can work part time or full time. Students working full time will often have the option of earning credit for their efforts.

The University has made an investment to fund a portion of these experiences. Concisely, if the hiring department can provide a quality on-campus learning experience, appropriate supervision, and 50% of the student intern's salary, then the University has committed to provide the academic tool for the student’s internship course enrollment and to fund 50% of the student intern's salary (based on an hourly salary of $10 for 160-175 site hours or $14 for 320-600 site hours).

Cassie Walker

This semester, Cassie Walker is spending much of her time traveling throughout the North and Southeast representing Clemson at college fairs and new-student receptions. A senior majoring in psychology, Cassie is participating in an on-campus co-op program with Clemson's Office of Admissions. Learn more about Cassie's experience...

"This has been an incredible experience. I work closely with the Admissions staff, and they give me real projects - not just their leftover work."