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Out For Work Silver Medal

Alert!: Job Seeker Scams

A number of fraudulent emails have been sent to Clemson students under the guise of offering some form of employment. Visit our Job Seeker Scams page for more information.

Cooperative Education Program

Employers Information Page

As an employer, imagine the opportunities to heighten your visibility on campus, cut your recruiting costs, meet temporary or seasonal work demands, and secure motivated, affordable employees.

Participation in the Cooperative Education Program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the education of potential permanent employees
  • Evaluate a student’s on-the-job performance before making a long-term commitment
  • Gain the “inside track” on recruiting quality students for permanent employment
  • Offer assistance to senior professionals, releasing them for more complex responsibilities
  • Reduce costs and time associated with recruiting and training new graduates
  • Obtain immediate productivity from co-op graduates
  • Maintain high visibility with students, faculty and administrators at Clemson University

Barend Havenga, Computer Engineering, Delta Airlines, Ga